Great posts from the student blogging challenge

The student blogging challenge has seen our 5/6 students hard at work, writing, decorating and generally improving the content and design of their blogs. Congratulations to these students who have been chosen as some of the best blogging work for week 2. As always, it would be great if you could visit their blog and leave a comment.

Sophie - Sport to Me

Shevy – Animals

Emma – Travel

Dream Jobs - Shevy Emma Heidi

Well done to all those chosen and if you weren’t chosen make sure the reason why wasn’t because you didn’t link your blog posts back to the student challenge blog. Check the student challenge post from week 2 for information on how to hyperlink back to the challenge blog. If you don’t link back there is no way of knowing what posts you have done.

One thought on “Great posts from the student blogging challenge

  1. Hi, Phenomenal 15

    I really like your blog what have you been focusing on?

    This term we are focusing on “cross arts” in cross arts we perform acts one year were making our own up then the next we’re doing a script like this year.
    This year were doing a script it’s called “beauty IS the beast”

    We have to practise a lot now to perfect it!

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