‘Death on the Empress’ Character Drawings

We are currently reading the book ‘Death on the Empress‘ by Stuart Harper. It is a mystery full of surprises and suspense. The book is noticeable for it’s wonderful descriptions of the array of characters on board. We spent some time looking at some of the character descriptions yesterday, then made attempts to draw what we think those characters looks like. Below are a works in progress.

And here are our final products. I’m sure you’d agree there are some budding illustrators amongst our students.

4 thoughts on “‘Death on the Empress’ Character Drawings

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed North Star 3456, your drawings are amazing! I’m going to put a link to your fantastic artwork on my webpage. You have drawn the characters exactly how I imagined them. Mr Witters is suitably fat, Mrs Prewitt looks very elegant and Alexander Blackstone looked very mysterious! I loved them all.

    I hope you all enjoyed the book. Id love to hear your ideas on what you think could happen next in if there is a book to follow on.

    Kind Regards

    Stuart Harper

  2. I read and enjoyed “Death on the Empress” as well, so am very pleased to have discovered your lovely illustrations here, well done! The book filled my head with pictures too, and I thought it would make an exciting movie. I think you’ve conveyed very well that the characters come in all shapes and sizes. Thank you for sharing your drawings – the next best thing to seeing a film of the book!

  3. Awesome! I have to say its the highest form of compliment to have you kids working on your own illustrations for Stuarts book! You have really done a fantastic job here. What an amazing group of kids you are. You would have been mountains of help when I was working on illustrating the cover!

    Thank you so much! You are all very talented 🙂

    Michelle Rene Goodhew

  4. This artwork made me smile this morning. The children’s powers of observation shine. Thanks to the teacher and the artists.

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